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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Cartezia runs an event to help creative businesses access Technology Strategy Board (TSB) funding

Cartezia hosts a creative industries event in Cambridge in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) on 9th September 2010. The key objective of this event is to help creative businesses get involved in TSB's £5m funding programme for collaborative R&D into Metadata.

Available as part of TSB's digital services programme, the £5m fund is designed to promote lasting alliances between companies and organisations, to develop cutting edge technology products and support the growth of the UK’s creative and digital sectors. 

Dr. Uday Phadke, CEO of Cartezia, delivers the key note address by exploring recent developments within the digital industry and specifically focusing on Metadata, its impact and influence on the industry's business models and what it means for companies within the creative and digital industries. 

Using classical and new business growth frameworks, Dr. Phadke will identify key challenges that must be overcome in order to build new businesses in the digital space. He will also discuss how to use advances in metadata as a springboard to create new businesses and revenue streams and the experiences of companies that he is involved in.

Further details on eligibility and how to submit a proposal can be found from the TSB website.

26 Jun 2010