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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Cartezia conducts Accelerate! technology commercialisation workshop at the University of York

Cartezia conducts workshop focused on creating new businesses by identifying promising ideas and technologies from the Departments of Computer Science and Electronics at the University of York.

As part of the Accelerate! programme at the University of York, Cartezia ran a 2-day workshop at The Ron Cooke Hub on November 16th and 17th, 2010. The workshop was targeted at post-graduates and research scholars from the two departments and other local entrepreneurs and service providers.

Cartezia's Accelerate! workshop aim was to equip participants with key skills and practical insights to take technology based ideas to market and build successful technology businesses. The two-day workshop was packed with lectures, panel discussions and action-learning sessions that allowed the participants to explore a number of new business ideas and their potential for commercialisation.

The key objectives that the Accelerate! workshop achieved are:


  • Strengthen competencies in the area of commercialising technology, i.e. taking an idea from the lab to the market in the form of new products and services 
  • Build new capabilities for commercialisation for building new businesses through spin-outs from the department
  • Identify a number of promising ideas and technologies at various stages of commercialisation for further development


The workshop was structured to ensure that participating post-graduates and researchers gained new knowledge, practical tools and key insights by interacting with entrepreneurs, business builders, investors and other service providers, which they can apply in their commercialisation activities.  The first day's programme also included a dinner to provide an opportunity for networking with the panel members, local entrepreneurs and other service providers. 

Dr. Uday Phadke, CEO of Cartezia said "Cartezia has a long track record stretching back to the mid 90's in building technology businesses. We look forward to bringing this experience, Cartezia's connections and our deep understanding of creating, building and nurturing new technology businesses to the University of York and specifically the Departments of Computer Science and Electronics. We see a number of new companies being created as a result of the workshop."

More details about the workshop are available at


24 Feb 2011