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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Cartezia announces Accelerate! seedcamp at the University of York

Accelerate! seedcamps aim to introduce participants to building new technology businesses, as well as to encourage and inspire them to pursue new venture creation. Each seedcamp event will comprise a series of lectures and active learning sessions that provide ample opportunities to learn and be inspired.
The seedcamps are targeted at university researchers considering commercialisation as a possible option for their research work and entrepreneurs from the local ecosystem to accelerate the development of their ventures. The seedcamps also provide an opportunity for the local technology business community to connect with talent from the department.
The first of the two seedcamps is scheduled for March 15th, 2011 and will be held at the Department of Computer Science, University of York.
The seedcamps are supported by the Department of Computer Science at the University of York, one of the leading departments in the UK in its field and the Research Innovation Office in the context of its wider remit to improve the commercialisation of intellectual property in the University of York. 


24 Feb 2011